Centra Pipelines’ vision focuses on a total enterprise approach that takes into account the social responsibilities of operating our pipeline, generating a positive culture to meet the needs of our shippers (customers) and other stakeholders and an assurance of success. This focus is underpinned by two intertwined, key elements for our success: risk management and continual improvement.

Attaining this vision is contingent upon our four primary values:

  1. We value people above all our other resources.
  2. We value a strategic and an integrated approach to the way we lead and manage.
  3. We value persistence and tenacity when it comes to protecting assets.
  4. Value is placed on leaders as enablers and facilitators

Within this framework, our approach includes:

Social Responsibility

  • Stakeholder concentric approach
  • Business sustainability
  • Strong governance and leadership

Positive Culture

  • Engage our people and stakeholders within a reporting culture
  • Incident review and assessment
  • Strive towards a zero incidents work environment
  • Think Safe, Think Green – focus on awareness
  • Prepare Prevent Protect

Shippers/Customer Focus

  • Offering the right products and services at a reasonable cost
  • Ensure transmission system reliability/integrity
  • Foster positive relationships

Performance Evaluation

  • Promote responsibility and accountability
  • Focus on leading indicators
  • Achieving market based rate of return
  • Continual improvement