Centra Pipeline recognises our responsibility to the communities we serve. Centra Pipelines and our employees have demonstrated a strong commitment to being good corporate citizens in the communities where the company does business and where our employees and their families live.

Centra Pipelines is committed to protecting our environment in all aspects of its business.

As an operator of pipeline and compression facilities across Canada and the US, Centra Pipelines accepts full accountability and responsibility for its operations and will work to reduce and minimize the environmental impacts of those operations.

Centra Pipelines will:

  • Meet, or exceed where practical, all environmental legislation, regulations or environmental requirements applicable to its current operations,
  • Identify the impacts of its operations and develop environmental goals and objectives to reduce those impacts,
  • Increase the environmental awareness of employees and contract personnel and engage those personnel in the achievement of environmental goals and objectives,
  • Maintain environmental programs that will minimize the environmental impact of pipeline and compression facility operations,
  • Continually review and evaluate the achievement of environmental goals and objectives and the effectiveness of environmental programs,
  • Communicate the results of our environmental performance internally and externally, and
  • Adjust, where necessary, to continually improve our environmental performance.

Centra Pipelines is responsible for enacting this policy and ensuring environmental protection is equally achievable with other business goals and objectives. Through cooperation and full consideration of environmental protection in all of Centra Pipelines’ activities, we will continue to be a responsible work place for all current and future generations.

While we are each environmentally responsible, we are much more effective when we work as a team.