Centra Pipelines is committed to the safety of everyone living or working near our pipelines and associated facilities. Certain activities can pose a risk to a pipeline and those around it.

To ensure Centra’s pipelines and facilities remain operating safely, written consent from Centra Pipelines must be obtained in the following situations:

  • Constructing or installing a facility across, on, along or under a Centra right-of-way
  • Conducting ground disturbance (excavation or digging) on or within the prescribed area (30 meters from the centreline the pipeline)
  • Driving a vehicle, mobile equipment or machinery across a Centra pipeline right-of-way outside the travelled portion of a highway or public road
  • Using any explosives within 300 meters of Centra’s pipeline right-of-way

When planning, and before any of the work or activities can begin, an application must be completed and submitted to Centra Pipelines. An application can be found here: CENTRA RIGHT OF WAY CROSSING APPLICATION

Please contact us if you need guidance by calling 807-489-1039.

Whether you’re a contractor, a farmer or just planning to do some work around your yard that requires excavation, you must contact a one-call center before beginning any work.

Call before you dig

Call before you dig

Manitoba: 1-800-940-3447

Minnesota: Gopher State One Call

Phone: (800) 252-1166 or (651) 454-0002

Ontario One Call: Call Before You Dig

Phone: 1-800-400-2255

These simple steps can prevent most third-party pipeline accidents:

  • Call or Click before you dig. Before digging, call within the time frame required by your province or state. The one-call center will notify local utilities and companies that operate underground facilities in your area.
  • Wait the required time for the site to be marked. If your project is close to underground facilities, the affected utility or company will send a representative to your work site to clearly mark the route and location of their operations.
  • Confirm that all affected utility operators have responded to your request and marked underground utilities. Provincial and State laws vary on the confirmation process, so be sure to check with your local one-call center for more information.
  • Respect the marks. Respect and protect the facilities operators’ marks. Note the color of all markings used and what types of facilities they indicate. Marking colors may vary from state to state, but Centra always uses yellow when marking our lines.
  • Dig with care. A Centra representative must be present when digging occurs on our right of way.