Centra Transmission Holdings Inc. (“CTHI”) and Centra Pipelines Minnesota Inc. (“CPMI”) (together known as Centra Pipelines) are both subsidiaries of Energy Fundamentals Group LP and are solely transporters of natural gas. They form a 270km, 12” pipeline that takes gas from the TransCanada Pipeline at Spruce Siding, Manitoba south of Lake of the Woods through Minnesota into Ontario and back into Minnesota at International Falls. The pipeline was originally constructed in 1970 with a MAOP for the pipe established at 5,516 kpa. Centra Pipelines provides natural gas transportation services to local distribution companies and industrial customers along the pipeline route. CTHI owns the portion of the pipe located in Canada and is regulated by the Canada Energy Regulator (CER or Board– formerly National Energy Board or CER) in Canada. CPMI represents the pipe located in Minnesota and is regulated by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) in the USA.

Centra Pipelines is owned and operated by Energy Fundamentals Group Limited Partnership, an Ontario Canada based limited partnership engaged in the acquisition, development and management of energy related assets. More information on Energy Fundamentals Group can be found at www.efgroupllc.com